In the vast landscape of our fields - farms and fields - there is a natural treasure that often goes unnoticed: bees. These tireless little workers are not only essential for the pollination of our crops and biodiversity, but also represent a unique opportunity for landowners.

Today we want to talk to you about the benefits of renting land to beekeepers for the installation of beehives. This collaboration not only benefits beekeepers and bees, but can also generate additional income and improve the landscape of these lands significantly, thanks to bee pollination.

The requirements for the installation of apiaries are few (availability of good natural blooms, nearby water, and good access by roads and tracks). The land occupation of an apiary is minimal. And, whether the apiary is a permanent apiary (i.e. it can be on the farm all year round) or a transhumant apiary (it is only brought to the farm for a specific flowering), in any case, its removal is simple and leaves no negative footprint on the land. The only footprint of bees in the environment is positive, thanks to pollination, as long as some minimum good practices are followed, such as contemplating the limits of the carrying capacity of the blooms, that is, that there is enough food for our bees and for all wild pollinators, which is easily achieved by adequately sizing the apiaries. Thus, at Tierras apícolas, we limit our apiaries to a maximum of 100 hives.

1. Additional income from the leasing of bee pastures:

By renting your land to beekeepers, you can earn a stable and consistent income from leasing bee pasture. Beekeepers are always looking for suitable places to place their hives, and your land can become a valuable resource for them. Leasing bee pasture can provide an additional source of income without requiring a significant investment on your part. Keep in mind that, of the 3 million hives in Spain, about 2 million are transhumant, meaning that beekeepers change them several times a year, looking for different blooms.

Landscape and biodiversity enhancement:

The presence of beehives on your land not only benefits beekeepers, but also contributes to improving the landscape and biodiversity on your property. Bees are excellent pollinators and help promote the growth of a wide variety of plants and crops. This can result in a more colorful and diverse landscape, as well as promote the health of your crops and local wildlife.

3. Contribution to bee conservation:

Bees face numerous challenges today, including habitat loss, climate change, pests such as varroa and declining floral biodiversity. By renting your land to beekeepers, you are actively contributing to the conservation of bees and the maintenance of their natural habitat. This is not only beneficial for the environment, but can also have a positive impact on the long-term health and productivity of your land.

In summary, renting your land to beekeepers for the installation of beehives can be a beneficial decision from both an economic and environmental point of view. Not only can you generate additional income and improve the landscape of your land, but you are also contributing to the conservation of bees and promoting biodiversity in your environment.

Take advantage of this opportunity and join Tierras apícolas in the protection of bees and their ecosystems!


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