Santiago Cuerda Cañas

I consider myself a social and environmental entrepreneur. I have worked for almost 30 years in different nature conservation NGOs, such as Reforesta or the Federation of CPN clubs (of which I am a founding member), promoting numerous projects. I am a lawyer, trainer and beekeeper. I studied, in 2018, the certificate of professionalism in beekeeping, and I have done other specialization courses in the sector.

Even as a child, I avidly followed the television programs of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente and Jacques Cousteau, which left a deep impression on me, and a clear determination to dedicate my life to spreading the word about the importance of nature conservation, raising awareness of environmental problems, and implementing practical actions to reverse the destruction of ecosystems and the damage we do to the web of life.

In particular, in recent years, I have been especially concerned about the rapid disappearance of pollinators, which are often humble little animals, almost invisible, such as bees, butterflies or bumblebees, but which perform a crucial task for the planet and for humanity: the pollination of flowers, which is, among other things, what allows us to eat. Without pollination, we would not have most fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, I promote as a community of beekeepers, farmers and landowners, and 1st multivendor online marketplace in Spain, in beekeeping. With this I want to help a sector, beekeeping in Spain, which is going through a very critical situation, due to the problems of bee conservation (including pesticides, pests, invasive species, climate change ...), and the collapse of honey prices, with imports of cheap "honeys" of zero quality.

I also promote with the aim of bringing society closer to the exciting and millenary work of beekeeping, promoting training (among professionals and amateurs), betting on a sustainable and participatory beekeeping, and a consumption of quality honey and proximity.

I am vice-president of the Association of Beekeepers of Cuenca (APAC), from March 2023 to date.

In the past, I have promoted projects such as Huertos Compartidos (Shared Gardens), El Correo del Medio Ambiente (Panda environmental communication award, second prize for the environment from the City Council of Madrid and Seville), the environmental volunteer program Iuvennatura, the edition of La Gaceta de las Madrigueras, etc.

Miguel Ángel Ortega, director of the Reforesta Association, says of Tierras apícolas: "It is an exemplary initiative to recover the health of the rural economy and also that of our fields, through the essential service of pollination".



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