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I am a Beekeeper

Find land for your hives; rent them to pollinate crops; buy or sell swarms, hives or queens, second-hand beekeeping machinery and equipment, honey and pollen in bulk...

I am a landowner/farmer/consumer

Offer your farm for the installation of beehives, rent beehives to pollinate your crops. Find beehive products directly from the beekeeper.


Alquiler de asentamientos; venta de fincas ; cultivos para polinizar; alquiler de colmenas para polinización; venta de maquinaria y material apícola; venta de enjambres, colmenas y reinas; venta de miel, polen y cera, a granel; dispositivos de monitorización de colmenas; venta directa de productos apícolas; formación apícola y apiturismo; ropa; cosmética; artesanía; carpintería; maquinaria y material nuevos; alimentación…

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Direct sale of bee products

Honey, pollen, royal jelly, mead, etc., directly from the beekeeper. Quality and proximity, easily and without intermediaries. Ideal for family consumption and small commerce.
2 advertisements

Cera en láminas

Cajas de láminas de cera para todo tipo de colmenas y alzas
0 advertisements

Beekeeping feed

Feed (maintenance, stimulation), protein cakes, vitamin supplements, etc.
0 advertisements

Beekeeping crafts

Beeswax candles and other handicrafts with products derived from the beehive, bee motifs...
0 advertisements

Beekeeping cosmetics

Lotions, soaps, balms, creams, hair masks, facial scrubs, with honey, wax, propolis, pollen...
3 advertisements

Hive Rental

Beekeeper, earn money pollinating crops with your hives. Farmer, increase your production by more than 30% with a good pollination.
5 advertisements

Rental of settlements

Rental of farms with good natural blooms for the use of beekeeping pastures.
3 advertisements

Crops to pollinate

Advertise your crops that require professional pollination with beehives, to facilitate contact with beekeepers.
34 anuncios

Swarms, hives and queens

Recover your hive losses and grow your beekeeping operation. Generate an important source of income by selling live material.
1 ad

Hive monitoring

Monitor the safety, performance and health status of your hives from your cell phone. Save time and money.

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The Community of Apicultural Lands

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Anuncios publicados: 2


Anuncios publicados: 2


What they say about Tierras Apícolas

La apicultura vive un momento de cambio. Iniciativas como ésta pueden crear una red de colaboraciones entre la agricultura y la apicultura de mutuo beneficio, y que ayude a mantener la biodiversidad.

Las abejas y las personas que las atienden son una parte más de nuestro paisaje agrícola y forestal, y la miel producida una forma de definir ese paisaje.

Gracias por darnos una herramienta colaborativa como ésta.

Antonio Gómez Pajuelo (Consultor y formador apícola)

“La apicultura es una actividad con impactos positivos en el ámbito social, ambiental y económico. Velar por la fijación del medio rural y la conservación de métodos de polinización eficaces entrando en escena todos los actores implicados, agricultores, apicultores, medio rural, ganaderos, etc.. garantiza un futuro sostenible y próspero para las próximas generaciones. Tierras Apícolas supone la defensa de éstos principios básicos»


Justo García (Business Unit Manager Beekeeping Iberia. ALLTECH SPAIN)

Passion, restlessness and a committed approach to the improvement of biodiversity and nature conservation are the ingredients of Tierras Apícolas, which contribute to the fact that the team of mentors of the Emprendeverde mentoring program is increasingly excited about accompanying this type of project.

Raúl Rodera (Founder of Co-Develop and mentor of the Emprendeverde program)


Projects to support traditional and sustainable beekeeping, such as Tierras Apícolas, are a necessity that should be supported by all entities that work in sustainable agriculture models, where pollination is a fundamental factor.

Eduardo de Miguel Beascoechea (Managing Director of the Global Nature Foundation)


Tierras apícolas is an exemplary initiative to restore the health of the rural economy and also that of our fields, through the essential service of pollination.

Miguel Ángel Ortega Guerrero (Director of the Reforesta association)


Beekeeping lands could be the key to solve the dramatic problem known as "empty Spain", whose black shadow is already threatening 35% of the Spanish geography.

Jesús Ávila Granados (Journalist and writer, editor of the magazine "Vida apícola").



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